Tuesday, 4 July 2017


An appealing pony tail
atop a shaven head,
and a sweetly large belly
out of health and wealth,
bring peace to sinful men,
to people with dark stains.

He walks with might
for he is the best and right,
but he often forgets his chores,
lands up in serious holes.
He had an offering
at a place nearby.
It was Thursday
and the sun shone wild.
He took the bus 
newly painted in red
but forgot his stoppage, 
he in utter distress.
He remembered the chants-
he recalled and checked,
his memory worked well
when it was pure business.
The old lady beside
murmured in pain
for his heavy movement
spoiled her embroidered dress.
She couldn't shout
to a pandit obvious-
she feared frozen curses
or next birth's sins
or hungry death 
burning hell amidst!

Meanwhile, our pandit
feared more-
doubted on his doings,
sins in store!
The conductor uttered options.
Alas! All were illusions.
He finally decided to return
to where he first boarded;
to speak to the conductor,
he tried to make some progress.
But... but he forgot that too, 
his head burnt like a stove!
God was asleep,
He didn't show some love!
The lady beside,
irritated entirely,
shouted at last, 
"O' big Pandit, why 
forget you must?"