Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I shall find you amidst tears
of my life's diaries:
they moistened my kerchiefs
in glees and griefs,
in coffees and dinners
like sunrises and sunsets!

I shall find you
in another December
when you prepare to dress
your forehead in the best
of reds...
tender hair chain,
new bangles,
joyous hair tangles,
mehndi on ankles!

I owe you my poems-
they breathe with you,
keep me alive in sanity
define my ink's sanctity!
I owe you my dreams:
they grow with you
like time grows from 
stranger tender months
to stronger bolder years!

I can only pledge
if pledge is belief,
if beliefs are born from fires,
if fire is god,
if god is love!

I can only love.
I can't dance!
I can, but, cook
I bathe!

Shall I find you 
in the Decembers
of my diaries...
waiting together
in cold for new years?
Shall I find you
in the coffees and dinners
of my life's Decembers?
I shall find you!
You shall find me!