Thursday, 10 November 2016


An evening I spend,
memories sink when
in arms of scarlet mists,
lamps that brighten it!

O' Lady of the horizon,

quietly you follow
my steps of leisure,
will you not appear
in my stroll to visit
some castles of luxury?

Bravery confronts

unbound imagination!
Oh! Just remind me not
of my prowess of thoughts!
I can play with numbers
as if in God's whitish slumbers-
the particles dispose
as my dreams speak of
patterns that lay hidden
in natural veils untouched!
The symbols disturb me not-
only the arts do play a lot.
The winter is a lullaby
lazy dreams it brings
like numbers gradually
conquering minds of reality!
Where are my sketches?
Only if I could re-evaluate!

The clouds have shadows too:
visitors of sincere Spring!
And why shall I not leave behind
a pair of breaths when I leave-
one for the next me
and one as a memoir!