Wednesday, 29 June 2016

MARS: bonds of time

[Dedicated to MARS: a family of 4 simple engineers who derive their joys from the simplest of things.]

O' the playful calm,
a veil He carries of
joys and charm,
quite sensible and alerts 
the travelling crowd:
He knows of the West
just like an owl of the barn!

He crafted a robot
from a hard paper box
and strenuous efforts,
could even sketch
a girl without slightest errors.
He is as silent as the wind,
as bold as the storm.

When the candles are lit
where light seems fit,
He writes in red ink:
dinners for the beauties
and roses for the beasts,
but His love stays still
unmatched for the other three!

A chord when He strikes,
lonely hearts He befriends,
Lyrics when He sing,
He gifts us purposes.
He builds music
just like the Spring,
He sings life
just like the Priest!