Monday, 28 December 2015


I resented the cold...
Who says Delhi is 
a winter surprise?
Romance gets tougher
amidst shivery surrounds.

Scented candles are luring
or, novels are tempting,
where dark, foggy nights
hold mysteries of murders
by a romantic freak!

My God!
She walked out of the car;
her earrings whispered 
to angels hidden amongst
foggy clouds perhaps...
Eyes did their act too:
almost stabbed me,
but words saved me
saved me so that
I can write for 
another decade...
But I die every time
I hear her stories
just forget...
think there 
is a cuckoo in winter!

Friday, 11 December 2015


PC: Charles Haynes, Australia
If love could be wrapped
in leaves of green joys,
Pleasure wouldn't
be satisfied enough
to please a man's
taste of flavour!

He designed with care,
dropped a few pieces
of betel nuts,
buds jewel-like,
a touch of edible lime
and reddish cutch wild,
folded the leaves
with fingers artistic
and packed it quick
in a transparent plastic...

Far beyond that
rested the outcome;
I chewed like a Prince,
did the spat and spit,
the green and red
romanced with my lips
and the dinner I had
was finally fulfilled.

Not always a woman
or lust idiotic;
I walked back
shouted in glee:
"Dada, Culcatta 120!" 

NOTE: Culcatta 120 is a flavoured paan, the recreational edible food item of India and many South Asian countries. Culcatta refers to Kolkata. The betel leaves used in Culcatta 120 (or 520) are special, grown in and around Kolkata. Culcatta is the older name of Kolkata. The name of the city has changed but older memories have stuck with Culcatta!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Only slaves would steal
to trade with a chemist, 
a king shall win it
through inheritance 
or by sword or merit. 

And what about the mind? 

A hidden Crown is
the question, 
arouses much curiosity, 
plays in silence
like the Grail, 
calls for retrieval 
yet hides in skins
of womanlike mystery!

The treaty?
Mind is the king,
body its slave,
all books say,
all know
none pays interest
for the Crown
mirrors and veils,
the Crown always
rests and awaits
for the body
to bow to its King,
until the game
ends on check
and mate,
are you worried?

Friday, 4 December 2015


A subject known,
yet, difficult to absorb
like aloof dew drops
get soaked not
on grasses of
abandoned lands,
green and innocent.

Surprises are many,
winter is just once;
wedding roses 
wither again,
clouds may pour,
who knows?
Hearts may settle
on a plate of dimsums,
rains may splash
memories on void;
hugs may be cinematic
and kisses may turn true!

All nostalgia may spring
from seldom touched old diaries
the air awaits some moisture
to reunite souls in an early December!