Tuesday, 20 October 2015


 [Dedicated to Mother India]

They failed...
to cage the avian souls;
they tried hard to paint
the cage bluer than before,
but skies couldn't be wronged
how could one mistake one's home?

Those iron bars lost polish;
bodies decomposed within,
but they could not cuff souls
in a cage not of God's!
Wings were weaker
but wills didn't falter,
death was not feared;
who cared about tears?
Freedom could be touched,
not, but, breathed just;
country could be fought for ,
not, but, asked to walk upon. 

She never quit prayers
despite the uncanny cage.
Her children bore the pain,
grew restless and violent,
their Mother's right to be free
should not die suffocating!
The Keeper could not resist
the chirps of his caged wings,
released them at last to embrace
their destiny that awaited never far!
Their Mother earned Her Self
but did freedom cause pain?
She spoke not, stayed silent,
reassured Her doubting faith! 

Her clean skies were just lies.
A cage can hold physiques,
an ill mind can slave souls.
Her freedom was stained,
seemed feeble and cruel.
She only wept, stayed silent!
What more could she do?
Whiteness could not define Her clan
for Her little doves had turned ravens;
She, but, is a Mother to them all.
She is that one kind silent dove!