Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Owls praise darkness
moments before dawn;
none does know,
man ignores.

Black is
silent infantry,
plays her spell
on Ignorance
that die at dawns
within eyes
so still
as old voyages!

The owls praise man:
he is ugly void,
pleases his sleep,
sleep possesses him;
dawns are born
to die again
like Ignorance
that vanish in rays...


Thursday, 2 April 2015


And the play started with a vicious laugh!
It startled everyone
but we enjoyed a villain's
first playback effort...

The villain was an alibi
for the popcorn thiefs;
the packs emptied
like free coins
and warm corns
softened as suspense
grew unavoidable!

Then entered the protagonist!
Men's weights reduced by kilos
and women's voices
filled the void!
Like a breeze of dreams,
she brought a paradise of thoughts:
Beauty played in everyone's head
like an addicted mistress of vice
but she was innocent
unlike her Beauty!

The plot grew more serious:
murders doubled,
and we could sniff treason
was that a mask
on the truth
that lay weakly beneath?
And who uttered love?

Climax neared,
stopped all movements:
fingers paralyzed in
empty popcorn packs
and eyes pinned to the play,
ears devoted to dialogues
and legs were dead;
only noses breathed!

She appeared again,
and silence turned deadly;
and what was that?
Did she speak about murders?
Did she confess?
On whose behalf?!
Did she confess her crimes?

Every wish of her dreams
ended up in one's heart's sediments;
not a criminal was she,
she was only her act's slave!
Beauty furnished her disguise
but she was innocent;
nothing was realistic
but some possibilities were!

And the play ended with a vicious laugh
and we now knew
how the protagonist tricked
us with her first perfect effort!